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Parati with Luciano Alves


From a prior broadcast at Sirius New York, Ron gets to travel to Brazil to talk with author and instructor Luciano Alves, in the historic village of Parati. One of the activities of Luciano Alves in the field of teaching music is his research into methods that streamline the learning process, writing books showing the uses of chords and scales, as well as the development of piano-playing techniques. His books, methods and songbooks feature many different musical genres and writers, produced and edited by Luciano Alves for several different publishers globally and his books are available in English. The two sit down in the charming village of Parati which is and was a cultural cornucopia of history in Brazil where cross currents of invasions became reflected in the language of music. 

I everybody uses run night on me. Youlie today we're doing something to a little bit different, rather thanbroadcasting from our New York studios were broadcasting to you from patate inBrazil, a very unique location, south Rio de Janeiro, probably by about threeand a half hours by car, perhaps four and also equidistant from South Palo,the largest city in South America, and the only way to get here literally, iseither by small helicopter jumping in the car and that's exactly what we havedone and with me today, Luciano Alvez, one of our major musician friendsLuciano. How are you go right, good to see you thanks for being here,and it's always good spending time with your welcome. We were here we are inpatache. What can you tell us about patache and what is the name of thevillage in the town well, but to you at first means, for you is a veryinteresting place and also a very musical place. You can listen to musicin each bar. There are lots of restaurants and nightclubs and bars inthe most interesting things here is that they play every place. You Go, youhave Mus, I mean traditional music folk, Mus Boston over Cebe and showed o thathe is one of four preferable. Types of Music Shoro was born in the very beginning of the twit century, but it's before that, butit came. It grows in the very beginning of the tenth century, about onethousand nine hundred and ten, we had a very good composer, all the N to Nazarewho mix the Europan melodies from the Casco. He love shape and also yourHaseman bar in the Himi Brazilian and African written with thisEuropean melodies. So it came the type of Music College, Shoto, Shoto Yeah, sowe've certainly play lots of shoto and then also we play some Foco as wellyeah. Yesterday we had a pot here. We had a part time in the C yeah here we had.The big word was at the festival of the divine yeah, the first of all, thedivine that has leas every day. Every night you can hear too brasias RioBrazilian is the music from Palaty. That's called the cylander, it's a Musfor dancing. It's very natural from this place with twelve strings cos,guitars and many local percussion. We had here yesterday for how style thatis are written from the notifies, but everybody is like in Burzil, not thesouth, everybody likes to dance for hall and the Shasha Shot C. There areso main kinds of retten Imbezu, and I use it these written in my last recordthat was called music. We play Mosco here on serious, yes and mosaic almostequally made a research about these written I've been now. The states in mylife playing is a musician for very famous Brazilian singers, like ElBaha Malo, the Ti Gones, so I've been in so many states in each place. I wentin these states. I went to some music stories and the CD store tapes to alltype stores and got a lot of material... make a research about the Brazilianreades. And then I compose the omos on a piano using these gratis as a day. Soon Mosco you can see it's that travel in Brazil and states. It's like atravel log, yeah musically, a travel log, and then I made the special recordfor Solo tone. Library record is a company from German and on CD it's called Brezi. Today I use itthe same and idea, but with electron instruments mixing with Brazil andpercussion interesting. These were two different projects using Bret Rio,Brazilian rites. Now on the actual CD of MOSAICO, many of the names of thesongs are actually the names of the states and the names of the cities aswell. Aren't they? Yes, we are now trained three states. I I couldn't putwet tree song, a simple CD made, a DVD Odo. Could it be possible, but in the city I wrote ten Junes and now Imust get some time to finish the project. You know I have to make a certain CD with the other songs, but Ihave stutuo compose them. It will take about one year or maybe yeah how andbut what a great project and then you're involved in a lot of projects.Even currently, aren't you involved with the new release, which was afestival of Shoro that was actually involved with the mayor of the city ofRio de Janeiro. Yes, every year we have this festival, it's a contest to pick a new composers of shoo,because she was a little bit killed by the Boston of by the DeBrezina Rock. You have a real rock movement here. Sure do yes! Well, theproblem is in Brazil is: When something new happens, they all think must bekilled. You know I always following some fashion us we don't havewell, we have public, but it's a strange way, because the Brazilian showbusiness. The Brazil music marked is strange this way, because whensomething new comes, some single must die. You know it's in cried, so theshow who is more from the beginning of the twent century was you know almostkilled by all those new ratons all knew those movements and for people whoperhaps don't know I mean you, know we're familiar very familiar with theBasanov. Perhaps in the Rock Movement, the Tropic Alisma movements and new, ofcourse were involved with those Motantes and me so long ago, as well.Macinian yeah, the beginning, wasn't that tropicals movement and then wemoved to the rock mills sure, and then we tried to mix Brazil and music againyeah. But as far as shoto itself, I mean it's such a unique piece becauseisn't it one of the very first musics of Brazil? Yes, it it is the very beginning of December,because it helps the rhythm of the black from the black people from Africa.It is written two by four. You know with the left hand, the piano you makeexactly the percussion of the black people. Really, yes, I it's a syncopatewritten there, the simcoe written, like it contempt the contact that on dentedand the drums makes this syncope. You know withdifferent instruments. We have the...

Pondar which it's like the tambourine,the temporary, but which Ken h, so you played the Temberan in you with theleft. With the right hand, you play in the screen and then being the skin inMike. The the Pandaros F is like an entire battery. If the musicians goenough, he can play a real butter son, but we do depend and for those of ourlisteners who don't know when you say battery, we mean the Portuguese orBrazilian word for a drum set. A full drum set. Yes, as a drum set in onehole in one hand, held instruments with this lie instrument like a Telgen witha skin you play on you, make it the base drums you makethis ardens you make even the plates in the symbols yeah, I seembecause it use is small plates around the body they would buy of theinstrument. So usually the solo is played by the traditionalgroups. Quality Show Oge. That could be the biggest players of show datingclothes, one, a USUTA one bass, guitar a Qusarthat includes seven strings, a post guitar. So you have a s in the first string, then we use the avake theLittle Guitar Diligit, which is a kind of cool. Clearly Right, Oh yeah, theHawaiians had a version of that. That became the Ukalele O. Clearly Right Huh,we go here. Cavagna you can make the melodies and out the cards. You haveonly four strings, but you make a good accompaniment with it and then we havealso the bundoling. It's like a Balalaika Body. No tirteen soundssometimes we put the accordion on the show off, but it's not normal. Thenormal for formation. Lona group is a Cosi, Guitar, a Custid Guitar KavakBandolina, almost the Times almost all the times. It is instrumental meals. Isay, and this is whoso this would be your native indigenous jazz to Brazil,and this would be the recall improvise. Yes, we call Jes because it's the musicthat the musicians can provide a the shoto yeah is now, but you actually inthis last performance that you told me about and we're going to play a copy ofthis as well, because it's so interesting, you broke some of therules with shoto. Didn't you when you created one of your new compositions?Yes, yes, so we're talking about the contest because they want in real. Wewant you to take back the Shodo and we are arriving there. So we haven't avery good and new writers and compose tors right, and so in this contest Iplayed only the piano s and national Nazare made in the one thousand ninehundred and ten one thousand nine hundred and twenty M, and in thiscontest everybody arrived there with a group of show the show on they camewith. You know four. Member of six members group: Even there was a guywith twenty four members band. That's a big short o band he's a friend from my.He made an arrangement of the tradition of shore, a distributing their voicesto horn instrument. Well, a barful I imagine so. When I entered the stagethe audience was lie vitaes. These guns made much be rates, is going to playonly the piano here. So I took one...

...friend of mine now so far year to playthe AUSIT and a great and a great guitarist that he is yes. Yes, he hasso so many records of himself and then well. I want I want. I wasn't thewinner, but a made a very good surprise, because people didn't expect anybodyplaying and a costprice a grand piano with that was a Atana Model D,unbelievable number, unbelievable yeah. It was very, very funny because peopledidn't want. I didn't expect for you, yeah, there's no room for grandclassical pianos in the world of Shorto yeth piano was played by this guy callit a national Zara. He was one of the most important piano player, Panis EsSa Pinies, but at that time, in Shoro, Pan uster call it piano player andbecause they use it to play on moves without without for it. So the old l,the old, silent films yeah, so the piano players would play shoto in thebackground of the silent films, exactly wow the waiting room, also as abackground for the movie. So this guy called an Nazar, he starded the Piana a lot an. I wasinvolved with a research about Chopin and on his he composing more thantwenty hundred to the two hundred song orific, and so last year after the this contest, Ithought about making a CD with his songs and trying to get back himself toour days. So in a way, you really haven't broken any rules, because ifShoro was on the piano for films, you're actually just visiting anotherform of the Shoro which did exist, musically and then also you are also afilm composer. Aren't you yeah? So in a way, doesn't it also kind of link yourown artistic endeavors in your work back into some one of its native formsof music for Motion Picture? Yes, so you see that everything in the end comes together.Now the black music, the Europeans, the piano in the show may be. I will invitesome musicians to play on the CD ONE COSITA and Usky Base Guitar. Well, thething is everything together as nat made. You know he brought the the theAfrican wins with European rites and putting himself in his musk. So thingis, I try to to He create that at amosphere re create the atmosphere asin the end of the city. The last tune will be this composition that I played on thiscontest because to talk the truth and National Aer mademe come back to the piano study. H He's not alive anymore yeah, but he wasa big influence for you, a big inspiration and also for manic panes inRio in Brazil, because he used the real Brazilian Piano Mus is is verydifficult to play. My means I can say it's is to play- is very hard. You Much Studyou, you must be opines. There are some books showing...

...simplified versions for his songs, butit doesn't sound well because the principal thing bisbal arrangement inhis music is the left hand m who place the base and the harmony in a verysince Pat, do way that if you simplify that you extract the meaning of hismusic, you know the meaning of disfurth in national. A for me is a national oryou play his way or you don't play and as no a yeah yeah, so amazing, so were you O, obviouslywe're going to take a listen to that particular track that you're talkingabout? As far as the other album MOSAICO, which you know we've actuallyenjoyed, are there any particular? Is there a track that you think is perhapsmost indicative of this same kind of Shoro for piano sound? You can listen to the reedited June, because the shadow is a ther Chit, CoMus from Real de Jane. It started in the Old Town, the old centre of thetown, where it has a lot of theaters and bars. People now stayed drinkinguntil five or six o'clock in the morning playing shoo. You know anddrinking some beer, so this is a very carioca. Kayak is the people who wasborn in regalation uh, so this shoo is a very carioca of flying. I say withnew US drinking the night talking about you know good things not about robersand problems right. It was a time. The third is in the fors that people were leaving more relaxed, they used togo to these bars and took five or six o'clock just to play to have fun. Thisis a very carioca way. The Rio de Ganis people wait and the song reader fromyour album Rosako is also very relaxed and his great great Arica Flo. It hasthis influence from the shadow, the others use influence from the otherstates. I see th one tune for each state using they're, written and Aso in the religion at tune. You canfeel this disserve itself in December came from the shadow. The shortagestarted it all first before the shadow was a jerry called. The this the bigoteon be gather gather is what do we call this part it on de Bois, the Belle herethe whole o the belly button, boyes the where the umbilical cord from a Vidicade the baby attaches to the mother. Exactly yes, yeah. This kind of dance was called on Begatbecause the black people use to dance this written pulling there on big, myguess, the older on Vigo, it's called it's like you are putting your stomachagainst the other stern AB belly the belly. Yes, this is callit negateomeath dancing against the others a so it is the very beginning of thesomebody. Interest acted as the Negro dance call it the undegraded, and thenthey only gather came to Shambar with e e Samba and it was forbidding thepolice didn't want the people dancing December. No Dancing sunbankwas forbidding, it was. It was called a...

...too much sexual dance. I say for thattime in the ninety century, it was totally forbidding really one. You knowwhen people like something they just do, of course is no stopping people sure so,especially in Brazil. I oultit anyway sure so they kept dancing.They kept him bony hair. Did he the their bigs against the other, whombeagles a so it came December. It came the carnival which is the biggest kindof out big. Even yes, the big events with the same of involving many people, I mean eachschool of Camber. They dance in the parade with about three thousand Nembers, Oh my God, eachschool. So in the context of the carnival, we have a contest with thisschool of sons. They were, they are about to an school of embered one withthree thousand there. Five hundred members wow the drum set is divided bythat fivety hundred or sixty hundred drama. Oh, my gosh. We had about thirtypeople playing the Basrah there, people playing this nerdrum's, you know it's aTina drum army yeah, it's a drum marmite can behind the school playingthe written and the school passed through the parade, and then the drum set is so big. They have to getinto a special place to end the rest of the group path through them, and thenthey follow the school again and the schools have one hour and thirtyminutes to pass through this place, a wit. If they don't get there, they law,they lose some points, they lose points yeah and they can have how many people,all together in this somber school playing in the streets. Three thousand,maybe I mean there's some huge enormous amount of people right yeah, so it isabout Twain schools with thirty thousand numbers each one.So it's that's a lot of thousand people yeah at a very colorful event, too. Ican say that when the Samba schools come down through kin, O all their niceyears and o Dancing Suba the real deal yeah, we all like looking at thoseBrazilian girls dancing the Samba yeah, absolutely that's for for in Os. Thisis nice for everybody seen. People are always amazed with the O, the bury ofthe Carnival yeah and a very beautiful country as well. We are here in Patatiwith Luciano Alvis and we're talking about the historical musics of Brazil,the shoto and some of the pieces that he has been working on revisitingshadow Luciano, we're here in Patati, and this was one of the birth place ofthe very very first forms of the music. And what do you call the music herefrom Patate in particular? Well to you, we have a very natural mes fromhere. That's called Siran Seranda, Sedes Sieda is a kind of reading andalso adainst. The written is called Seeland in the dins is also Siron. Itis played by like people, the old people from palate that has a band andyou you can see in all the part they play in church they play in pits in theold town streets now. So it's called the CIOTAT think about you know so natural things about thisscene about some guy that wants to...

...marry some wolter simple things to somealmost folkloric or for otic there for clock Sung from pate interesting andthey use also. So it's a little bit of the Foto, so Po tocomfort O go yes, but go colonized rise, so we have the fact I difference in thealso they play a little mix of the the written of the north. So Brazil, butSeranda is a very coition. Al Win is the is like the count news you know. Sois our county Mus yeah? If you war, we are in the Torwen to see yes exactlywell, that's great! Well, I just want to thank you Luciano for taking thetime, I'm glad always to be spending time with you here in Brazil. I hopeyour audience enjoys the indevil. They certainly are going to enjoy listeningto more of your music and your explanation, and certainly, hopefully,will even be able to give them another chance to come back and visit resultonce again soon. Okay, Great! Thank you. Okay, with over to gather you are a nota.

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