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Episode · 10 hours ago

Relax with Robert Lawrence Friedman

How to Relax in 60 Seconds or Less? Join us as Ron chats with Robert Lawrence Friedman, MA, president of Stress Solutions, Inc. author, professional speaker/trainer, and psychotherapist, who has appeared on national and international television shows, including The Discovery Health Channel program, The Morning Show on Today (NBC), Fox News, and E! Television. Pandemic stress, or any time stress, Robert's books provide a wide range of relaxation techniques, strategies, and tools to help you develop a greater level of relaxation, health, well-being, and even awareness.  

Episode · 5 days ago

Stella Chiweshe - Queen of Mbira

How a police officer, was overtaken by Spirit through his boots. Can Spirit from Mbira cause you to jump out of your boots, to look inside at what you are doing? A visit with Stella Chiweshe, Queen of Mbira and cultural ambassador of Zimbabwe; a talk with Ron about the spiritual, medicinal healing power of mbira, which she learned from a time it was a forbidden instrument. The Grandmother of Traditional Music, secretly recognized as a Mbira player at forbidden ceremonies, share's a story from when Zimbabwe was still a Rhodesian colony ~ as the two talk Mbira. 

Episode · 6 days ago

Honoring Black History Month - All Year, Every Year - Black Comics Matter

Film Historian, writer, comic actor, and author of "For the Love of Laughter, and the fortchcoming book "Comedy Crazy", Nick Santa Maria drops in once again to talk with Ron about the older black comedians in the film industry, Hollywood's perpetuation of the portrayed sterotypical roles, and yet as the only game in town, the rich, rewarding legacy to comedy and the legends of mass popular comedy film culture. The film fact, is that Black Comics Matter, and always will. From Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry, better known by the stage name Stepin Fetchit, to the major box office legacy of Mantan Moreland and more ~ the celebration of Comedy in Black Heritage Cinema is worthy any month, time and all year round.   

Episode · 1 week ago

Colin Hay - Man at Work

Though many music fans will be glad to see the end of 2020, the ongoing breakout years for career artist Colin Hay, veritable song writer of the 80's hit machine Men at Work, still carries on. Colin chats with Ron from a time not so long ago. “When you’re in your 20s, you think you’ve got all the time in the world,” Hay has said. “You get older, and you go through a quickening. Everything seems to get faster.” This podcast from some time back, feels like just the other day. With favorite Men at Work songs, 40 years on, you don’t even have to leave your house, which at the moment, is definitely still a good idea.